Don’t be Afraid to Master Your Business Activity


Don’t be Afraid to Master Your Business Activity

Nexway Commerce supports your Company from Merchant of Record to Merchant Account Ownership by providing a seamless and secure transition to preserve your activity

Take a decisive step now,
and own a direct relation with your customers

From the reseller model (Merchant of Record) to direct ecommerce enablement – Nexway historical activity as MoR allows us to provide a complete and ready-to-go solution to enable and embrace all aspects of online sales

Acting as a technical provider through Nexway Commerce platform and serving our partners with our Payment Gateway solution, we cover all complex aspects of ecommerce while still preventing your Company from all major risks.

We got you covered and all key advantages of the reseller model are tackled!

Benefiting from Nexway’s extensive network of Payment partners, our Payment team will support your Company in acquiring its own merchant capabilities in all major regions and taking care of all technical integrations and maintenance with the acquirers.

We know the complexity and length of KYC processes

Our team of experts will bring its complete experience to run your Company through compliance requirements.

Nexway Commerce requires no IT development

Our secure, agile, highly modular microservices platform integrates seamlessly with your existing configuration through 3rd party integrations, connectors, customization, and plugins.

Enable all models for a smooth transition

Nexway Commerce is enabling different legal sales frameworks for our ; including MoR, Payment gateway and / or E-commerce Platform capabilities as a stand-alone.

Business models are flexible and customizable according to the scope, geos, product nature, level of resources and maturity. The core is the platform, and all models are achieved through a single integration with Nexway Commerce.

Navigate the deep waters of digital transformation with an industry professional at your side

Increased e-commerce performance
AB test capabilities to allow maximized ecommerce KPIs : conversion, AOV, customer lifetime value, share of subscriptions in the product mix, etc.
Subscription retention programs : smart replay for maximum user retention


B2B / B2C / B2B2C / Resellers / Affiliate programs / Marketplaces : all models could be ran through the same Nexway Commerce integration
Connect and Nexgame as B2B2C distribution, fiscal rules, etc.) your users.

Cost control
and reduction

Reduced cost of ownership and performance optimization
Nexway covers all aspects, from e-commerce capabilities to payment, compliance, eCRM, taxes, support, etc.

Reach new geos
and markets quickly

WW coverage including local experience (payment options, languages, support, currencies)
Local tax management and calculation (including tax remittance capacity)
Compliance to local laws and regulations (data, payment, fiscal rules, etc.) your users

Test new business
models easily

Easily enable subscription / Pay per use / freemium & activated trials / split and tiered models
Rely on Nexway experience to test your new offer to your audience and optimize it

Build and run online
sales strategy

Team of experts to help build and execute a global go-to-market approach, in full consistence with your general brand identity and objectives
Nexway brings on the technology, tools and ecommerce specialist to support your complete go-to-market

Complex business
model enablement

Multiple partner operations are usually complex and resource demanding: Nexway is acting as business facilitator, commercially and technically

B2B offer – Reseller network for
indirect distribution

Reseller Portal as a hands-on solution : controlled environment to help you acquire, grow and manage easily a pool of B2B distributors

Nexway in-house
Customer Support team

E-commerce customer support experts to provide the best pre and after sales experience to your users

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