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Interested in independently selling your games worldwide, while tapping into additional expertise to improve conversion in European countries?

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Nexway Monetize for Games Publishers.

Nexway Monetize is an agile payment and e-commerce platform that helps you to boost your global sales potential, fast. Implemented in Europe, Nexway brings games publishers additional expertise in European payment habits and regulations.

Direct sales has real advantages for expanding your business to online gamers around the world, creating additional revenue.

With Nexway’s fully customizable, API-driven e-commerce and payment solution, you can focus on your core business and offload the responsibilities for payments, tax collection, compliance and fraud to us.

Why choose Nexway Monetize?

Worldwide selling and distribution solution to help publishers monetize and accelerate time-to-market for their games.
Microservices platform architecture or agile digital commerce, with tailor-made cart for your gamers and simple integration.
Total e-commerce management: local law compliance, tax collection and remittance, fraud and chargeback mitigation.
Customer support in 12 languages for your gamers.
Secured payment transactions processing in 140+ countries. PCI DSS compliance, intelligent routing.
Expert service and data intelligence to customize, implement, manage and support online business.
Support for one-time/perpetual payments, subscriptions and consumption-based models.
e-Distribution network with an ecosystem of 700+ Merchants and Publishers to maximize revenue.
Simple revenue share model, no setup fee, no additional costs

Download brochure: Nexway Monetize for Games Publishers
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