Recurring success: Top subscription payment trends to watch!

Exploring the main trends and strategies to implement your subscription base.

Recurring success: Top subscription payment trends to watch!

This brochure outlines important trends and perspectives that impact your recurring payments today.

Discover the opportunities and obstacles you may face, and what impacts your ability to get paid by your members and subscribers in 2020 and beyond.

This brochure also provides recommendations for expanding your subscription business to online shoppers around the world. You will learn how streamlined recurring payment management will help your subscription business to be successful, driving new leads while also minimizing churn and fraud.

What’s inside the brochure:
Key trends to improve your subscribers’ experience.
Key stats in subscription payment processing.
Fintech: How subscription businesses can adapt to new ways of doing business.
Opportunities and challenges of cross-border e-commerce.
How to face constantly evolving fraud.

Why choose Nexway Monetize?

Payments processing in local currencies with the most adapted payment methods in 140 countries.

Easy-to-maintain, fast to evolve, and highly scalable system, enabling agile e-commerce and simple integration.

Local law compliance, tax collection, and remittance, fraud, and chargeback mitigation management.

Subscription features, increasing revenue, and improving subscriber usage, loyalty, and lifetime value.

Ecosystem for selling licenses and subscriptions to B2B channels, simplifying your resellers interactions.

Customer support for all issues related to payment, subscription, and access to the product.

Insights, reporting tools, KPIs, and metrics to help your business reach the next level.

An expert Team, helping you customize, implement, manage, care and optimize your online business.

Subscription payment trends for 2020
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