Nexway report on e-commerce managers top priorities for 2021.

Nexway report on E-commerce & Payment Top Priorities for 2021.

Focus on Resilience: E-commerce & Payment Top Priorities for 2021

Following the unprecedented health and economic crises caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic, Nexway asked e-commerce managers how today’s business outlook is impacting sales, and what their strategic priorities are for the near future.

Nexway asked:
How have businesses been impacted?
What are e-commerce managers’ key challenges now?
What are their top priorities for e-commerce & payments for the year to come?


This report outlines important trends, challenges, and concerns that impact the business of your peers and highlights how to remain resilient during these uncertain times!

Our advice: Focus on the e-commerce areas you can control.

What’s inside the full report
Key insights on how the crisis has impacted business performance, sales forecast, sales model, shifting objectives.
Challenges and concerns of e-commerce decision-makers.
Ranking of top e-commerce and payment priorities for 2021.
Solutions for digital transformation in a challenging environment.

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