Payment: Everything you need to know about the PSD2 Directive

What is the impact of PSD2 European regulations on your customer experience?


The European Payment Services Directive (PSD) aims to regulate payments within the common market. Its second version (PSD2) was implemented in September 2019 in all Member States. The purpose of this revised directive is to facilitate the use of online electronic payment services by making them cheaper and more secure.

The changes introduced by these new regulations are likely to have a profound impact on e-commerce in Europe, or for any company running business transactions with European countries. According to a Cybersource survey conducted in February 2019, almost half of the merchants surveyed (46%) believe they are not prepared enough for Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

Nexway has defined three pillars to integrate compliance and improve customer experience:

Equip yourself with a dynamic and intelligent solution.
Fight fraud effectively to migrate to the right 3DS protocol.
Implement an exemptions mangement strategy and reduce friction.

Why choose Nexway Monetize?

Worldwide selling and distribution solution to help platform providers monetize and accelerate time-to-market for their products and services.
Total e-commerce management: local law compliance, tax collection and remittance, fraud and chargeback mitigation.
Secure payment transactions processing in 140+ countries. PCI DSS compliance, intelligent routing.
Support for one-time/perpetual payments, subscriptions and consumption-based models.
Simple revenue share model, no setup fee, no additional costs.
Customer support in 6 languages.


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