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To stay competitive in today’s market, selling online across borders is essential.

But accepting payments for online business is not a side issue when you operate globally and requires a currency conversion, tax regulation, compliance management, and fraud control.

This is where a Merchant of Record may come into play.

What is a Merchant of Record?

A Merchant of Record is an online platform that can take responsibility for all liability associated with the payment transaction. When accepting online payment methods, a Merchant of Record is the legal entity responsible of all the various transactions and processes including:

Global Payment Gateways

Global Payment Gateways

Collecting Sales Tax

Collecting Sales Tax

Processing Refunds & Chargebacks

Processing Refunds & Chargebacks

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Anti Fraud Management

Anti Fraud Management

Ensuring PCI Compliance

Ensuring PCI Compliance

Merchant of Record Model


Businesses can choose to become their own Merchant of Record (MoR) and set up the necessary infrastructure and processes to manage payments and related liabilities. Or alternatively, you can partner with a MoR provider that will manage these tasks on your behalf to minimize eCommerce risks and costs.

Acting as your own Merchant of Record – Challenges you may face

Being your own Merchant of Record is quite possible and many merchants do, especially at the beginning of their business. To securely collect payments, you must, among many other things:

  • Open up merchant accounts
  • Integrate payment gateways
  • Manage contracts with global payment service providers
  • Handling payment processing fees
  • Taking care of chargebacks
  • Comply with PCI DSS standards and other regulations
  • Calculate, collect, and remit all taxes

Being Merchant of Record requires time, resources and knowledge on subjects such as payment, VAT, data security and so on to manage the various subjects to be dealt with.

Benefits of Partnering with a Merchant of Record


1. Go global immediately

Localizing your platform and adapting the currency and checkout process can be a long, costly, and complicated process. With an MoR model set up, payment experience will be customized for your customers wherever they may be, locally or globally.

A cost effective solution

2. A cost effective solution

No need to pay an accountant or a specialist in international taxes. MoR handles all financial and tax-related matters in all the countries in which it operates. Save time and resources to run your business more efficiently.

Stay compliant

3. Stay compliant

Considered as an eCommerce legal entity, MoR is also responsible for ensuring compliance with the PCI-DSS, which means that it must always remain up to date on all laws in the countries where transactions take place.

Business Accelerator

4. Business Accelerator

Facilitate the management of your transactions for a faster time to market. Unlock, accelerate and simplify your payment operations even more.

One of the greatest advantages of partnering with an MoR is not having to worry about tax calculation management and financial compliance handling associated with global payments. Easily expand globally and find more customers in new and emerging markets while gaining the freedom to focus solely on your core business operations.

Is Nexway a Merchant of Record?

Nexway is a leading e-commerce and payment platform serving as Merchant of Record for online businesses for over 20 years.
We handle the full payment operations from checkout user experience management to payment, tax handling, and currencies, thus enabling you to focus on product development and go-to-market strategies.

Leverage Nexway’s Merchant of Record Expertise

Staying on top of all the legislation is tricky and costly if done incorrectly. Nexway teams ensure that your business ticks all the right boxes, removing all relative complexities.

Acting as a Merchant of Record it helps you:


Grow your online business and boost customer conversion in 140 countries by tapping into the power of our secure and highly localized payment solutions that consistently over-perform market rates for payment efficiency.


We take out the hassle of running a global online business for software and service brands. As your Merchant of Record, we manage local adaptations and regulations and mitigate the liabilities and risks of your sales.


Let us simplify and streamline your payment operations even more. We will take the reigns of your merchant account, navigate the complexity of the payment ecosystem and manage invoicing, reconciliation, and settlements on your behalf, so you can focus squarely on your business.


Gain the freedom to focus on what matters most: developing new products and improving existing ones. Leave complexities to us to grow and scale your online business, fast

Navigate the Complexity of the Payment Ecosystem with an Expert at your Side

Save precious time

Speed up your time to market

Prevent you from being exposed to legal risks

Process payments in local currencies with the most adapted payment methods

Being compliant with local laws

Care of your customers in their native language

Interested in leveraging Nexway for a faster time to market with less complexity?

Take out the hassle of running a global online business. From local payment methods to simplified subscription handling and tax management, scale your business smoothly into the global market.


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