Subscription Management

Subscription Management

Accelerate your subscription business
and reduce churn

Properly managing a subscription program and avoiding many
of the pitfalls requires experience. Nexway Monetize has helped
brands achieve an increase in Customer Lifetime Value of up to 13% y/y.

Subscription Management
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Accelerate your subscription business
using the Nexway Monetize platform
and our team’s expertise.

Subscription Management

• Real-time reporting

Our powerful reporting dashboards equip you with an array of essential performance metrics, so you can harness the full potential of your subscription offering.

• Customer loyalty and trust

Our built-in CRM platform allows you to create, schedule, and send regular email updates to keep customers informed on their subscription status.

• Dedicated customer center

Your consumers have access to a dedicated customer center to manage their subscription: upgrade, downgrade, cancel, change their payment method and request assistance.

• Bespoke pricing plan

Quickly set up and configure your billing plans to match your business model and create special promotions and options to increase retention.

• Customer lifetime value

A unique service range allowing you to improve your recurring model success very simply. Nexway subscription features increase your revenue and improve your subscriber usage and loyalty.

• Recurring revenue models

Our advanced solutions go beyond subscription and renewal management alone. We manage payment processing, fraud detection, tax collection and remittance, too.

Manage your customer subscriptions easily!

  • Bitdefender
    With the great support of Nexway, we created our Bitdefender Reseller Portal with Nexway Monetize. We built it over time and continuously implemented new features to improve the capabilities of our user experience.
    Emilien B.
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    We have worked with NEXWAY for more than 10 years and consider them to be a trusted partner. They have accompanied us throughout our development and have always been able to respond to our challenges with precision. Their expertise and ability to innovate in the world of payment management has created huge value as well as a source of additional revenue for Kaspersky Lab.
    Irina Potanina
    Head of Digital Sales at Kaspersky Lab
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    Easy to use, with a little help from our great customer contact. Really easy to configure. Customer Care and Contacts is great! We always get the answer and the help we need.
    Carline H.
    Blizz by TeamViewer

Nexway Subscription Management

Nexway Monetize gives you the essential tools to build and
grow a successful subscription business.

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