Digitize the reseller relationship:
Nexway accelerates your commercial activity by growing your reseller program online. Reach the end users of new distribution partners.

Nexway helps publishers with digital solutions in their digital transformation by allowing them to connect their whole ecosystem–partners, customers, and employees–in a single platform.

With the Nexway Reseller Platform, you can automate the entire process of selling licenses and subscriptions via multi-layer reseller and distribution networks—from enterprises to end users.

Looking for a full-service solution for selling licenses and subscriptions to B2B channels while simplifying interactions between resellers and internal teams?

Why set up a B2B program?

Businesses are always looking for new ways to grow. Setting up a B2B program is a smart strategy, allowing you to simply and quickly expand into new channels.

Whether you sell one-time licenses or renewable subscriptions online, providing your resellers with a personalized one-stop-shop will help boost online sales and expand your distribution network.

Choosing to invest in a reseller program can help automate smaller-volume deals so you can reach new markets and scale up quickly. That way your sales team can focus their energy on other key priorities, while you improve the performance of processes and service levels. The key is to think about resellers as an extension of your salesforce. Thanks to a compelling B2B digital experience, you can easily manage your resellers and even incentivize with loyalty programs.

Running a reseller program is like running a business: you get out what you put into it. This is why deciding to deploy a reseller program of your own shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need the right tools and strategy in place to make this seamless for everyone involved.

Nexway simplifies and automates reseller acquisition with an easy-to-maintain solution.

The Nexway Reseller Portal provides real-time order and payment processing, fulfillment and invoicing. You can customize your approval request process, product catalog and pricing to match your unique needs.

With a tailored program accessible through a branded B2B portal, your resellers benefit from having information at their fingertips. Our exclusive online resource allows them to bulk order, view their history and rewards, contact your staff, access marketing materials, and much more.

Nexway RESELLER PORTAL includes:
Customizable RESELLER PORTAL with simple set-up
Multi-tier software distribution and bulk ordering functionality
Simplified license fulfillment
Subscription management
Global payments
Complex, multi-tiered payment remittance
Loyalty program and customized status set-up
Automated registration requests and channel management
Robust reporting and analytics: purchase volume, discount level, margins
Centralized hub for accessing marketing materials

Nexway brings together the right tools and strategy to create a seamless experience for everyone.

Put your products in
easy reach of your resellers.

Technical specifications, product pricing levels of service. Today’s consumers expect retailers not only meet their expectations in terms of offer, but also demonstrate their reliability and responsiveness.

With a digital collaboration platform, online products sold by distributors are tracked in real-time and fulfilled faster. They are also better documented, supported with additional services and offered at a lower cost. A major advantage for retailers facing strong competition today.

The Nexway RESELLER PORTAL helps publishers give their retailers a platform dedicated to their software and games, providing access to useful tools and information such as products factsheets, price lists, marketing materials and use cases to help them succeed, plus a range of benefits and rewards in function of their status.

Nexway Reseller Portal, your dedicated platform.

Win-Win Solution!

Publisher benefits: Boost your distribution strategy
Simplified order fulfillment
Fast reseller integration
Distribution, licensing, entitlement, and payment collection automation
Extension of your salesforce
Expansion to new markets and territories
Easy sales and cash collection
Reduced revenue leakage
Responsiveness to rapidly changing market dynamics
Resellers benefits: Gain a competitive advantage
24/7 License purchase, fulfillment & settlement
Stock optimization
Training and sales assistance
Downloadable marketing kits
POS orders and sales support tools
Support of a dedicated sales team
Automatic commissions on license renewals
Incentive programs
Discounts on license purchase prices
  • Bitdefender
    With the great support of Nexway, we created our Bitdefender Reseller Portal with Nexway Monetize. We built it over time and continuously implemented new features to improve the capabilities of our user experience.
    Emilien B.

Key features of our B2B portal



Automated reseller acquisition
Reseller registration
24/7 License purchase, fulfillment & settlement in real-time
Automated invoicing and payment
Simplified daily management
Dealing with the legal complexities of selling internationally
Complex payment remittance
Revenue attribution on subscription renewals
Loyalty-building features
Delivery of sales support tools
Dedicated technical support
Robust reporting
Processing and payment of licenses
Sales and cash collection
Additional revenue programs setup
Monitoring performance and managing status, volumes, and discounts.

Want to simplify and automate reseller acquisition with an easy-to-maintain solution?
Discover how Nexway can help you boost your B2B sales!

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