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Retain your customers in your own ecosystem! Get recurring revenue!

Nexway develops APIs to manage recurrent billing and improve customer experience through software bundle subscription renewals.

FNAC is a major player in THE distribution of cultural, leisure and electronic products in retail & on the Internet, in France and internationally. It is the 3rd eCommerce website in France in THE number of visitors (according to Médiametrie / FEVAD).

Context & Challenge

Nexway has been FNAC’s trusted partner for over ten years, initially for its white-label plug-and-sell  online catalog which included attractive and extensive premium software and AAA games titles.

In January 2013 Microsoft launched Microsoft Office 365, a new version of its office tools suite, favored by a now annual license rather than a lifetime license purchase. This new business model has deeply impacted resellers like FNAC which saw recurrent customers becoming subscribers directly with the publisher.

Customers who purchased the latest version of the suite in a Fnac store became direct subscribers to Microsoft.

At the same time (2012-2014), the famous brick & mortar FNAC saw its turnover dropdown. Visits to outlets (stores) had dropped and the website faced stiff competition from pure players like Amazon.

FNAC had to find a solution to retain its customers within its own ecosystem and secure its revenues! The group then decides to acquire a strong store for a web strategy.

Relying on its experience and partner network, Nexway developed a renewal strategy tailored to FNAC’s new store to web scenario.

Nexway went beyond expectations and offered a turnkey solution that fits seamlessly into the FNAC digital user experience. This innovative solution offers its customers a FNAC-branded environment, an optimized and intuitive renewal tool through an immersive experience.

The FNAC Starter Pack was born!

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The solution

For FNAC customers purchasing a PC or laptop, the optional Pack offers a software bundle that includes one-year subscriptions to both Microsoft Office 365 and FNAC Security BY F-SECURE.

Within the Pack, Nexway developed a tailor-made Application Programming Interface (API), which allows customers to renew their software subscriptions from within the FNAC desktop ecosystem.

FNAC’s renewal interface operated by Nexway allows customer data collection enabling Nexway to optimize subscription rates.

Pack Fnac: Pack Sérénité

Results & benefits

A single contact for the entire customer journey and relation with the publishers Nexway
As a legal reseller, Nexway assumes responsibility for the compliance of local laws and regulations, banking relations, tax management, fraud screening, and more
Faster decisions, controlled financial flows, and management costs
Secure transactions
End-user centric service: FNAC’s end-users benefit from an add-on service.
FNAC gets direct and permanent access to its clients
Immersive solution that increases renewal rate and recurring revenues
Omnichannel experiences that increase the customer’s lifetime value
Offer expandable to other services or products
Customer support

Develop and accelerate customers acquisition
Enable publishers to incentivize their resellers
Provide new recurring revenue stream

We are delighted to participate in the FNAC “Starter Pack” solution for delivery and renewal, imagined jointly with FNAC and Nexway. Our resellers must have a viable, long-term solution that allows them to enhance the end-user experience within a branded digital environment and increase their subscription renewal rates.
Aymeric Soullard, Microsoft’s Retail Sales Director at Microsoft France

Create good relations between publishers and the indirect network of resellers.
Develop new product associations (new bundles)
Add a new sales channel from the associated physical product

Why Choose Nexway?

Product & cart management
Subscription & billing
Payment in 140+ countries – fraud & chargebacks management
Automated retention & cross-selling campaigns
Customer insights
B2B & reseller management
VAT & tax processing
Smooth integration into your existing store & back-office tools via API

About Fnac Darty Group

Operating in eleven countries, Fnac Darty is a European leader in the retail of entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and household appliances. As ofend of December 2017, the Group, which has 26,000 employees, hasa multi-format network of 728 stores, including 502 in France, and is ranked France’s second most visited e-commerce site (nearly 20 million unique visitors per month) with its two retail websites, fnac.comand A standard-setting omni-channel retailer, Fnac Darty posted pro-forma revenues of €7.4 billion in 2017.

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