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Today, customer service is key to a strong brand reputation, and making customers happy is vital for business success. Customer service and reputation are so tightly interwoven that your brand must perform well across the board. This includes direct interactions with customers as well as what’s going on behind the scenes and even when you think no one’s watching.

Nexway Monetize offers localized customer care with world-class Level 1 support -via email, phone, and chat- in 6 different languages, helping you create a positive customer service experience that can boost trust and build long-term brand loyalty. We support -on your behalf- your customers for all issues related to payment, subscription, and access to the product.

The Nexway Localized Customer Care Team delivers world-class level 1 end-user support via email, chat & telephone.

• 100% of emails responded to within 15 hours of business hours.
• 86% of calls answered with an average hold time of fewer than 2 mins.
• 86% of chats answered with an average hold time of 1 min.

Consumers are living experiences, and purchasing is a part of the experience. Nexway’s customer care can help you to enhance your competitive edge.

1. Get closer to your customer.

Taking proper care of your customers after they have purchased is mandatory for the sake of your business. This needs to be done in your customers’ native language. Easy said when you sell in the US and the UK, but selling in the EU or LATAM is another topic: you may have to hire French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese speakers, at least.

Or you can rely on Nexway services to handle this part for you. Nexway Monetize supports your customers for all payment issues, subscriptions, and access to the product. We answer emails and phone calls in six languages over two time zones, refunds are managed by Nexway, and your end-user data is protected and managed with the best care.

World-class level 1 support for merchant services for all issues related to:

Order and subscription management
Access to the product (fulfillment)

A chatbot feature on your website is a nice one. But we go deeper with live interaction, bringing you the power to instill a very different brand message and sense of connection, thanks to the call center.


Phone calls

2. Increase your conversion rate.

Nexway Monetize provides a range of services to improve your conversion rate!

B2B and reseller telesales

Outbound telemarketing campaigns to qualify and convert B2B leads
Tailored quotes and manually process B2B purchases

Refunds managed by Nexway
End-user Data protection & local compliance management

Our contact center team is incentivized to cross-sell and upsell your products as they engage with your customers. In particular, agents now leverage chat and email exchanges to quickly share personalized download URLs to convert PC customers into cross-device subscribers.

Also, the contact center team is skilled in executing outbound telemarketing campaigns to qualify and – in some cases also convert – B2B leads. The contact center may also provide tailored quotes and manually process B2B purchases.

3. Support your brand’s reputation.

It’s not a secret, a great customer service is key to a positive brand reputation! If your customers have good experiences with your brand, they will be more inclined to speak well to their peers, family, or friends and leave positive online reviews.

Your customers should be impressed with their lack of wait time (none), contact (upbeat, can-do attitude, and personal), and an immediate resolution to their complaint. And definitely, the phone is a crucial differentiator for a company’s customer service. A consumer who called with a complaint should turn out to be the most loyal. At Nexway, it is an opportunity, not a problem.

The Nexway Customer Care team comprises customer service reps who genuinely care about your customers and support your company’s vision. Do not skimp on customer service. Rely on Nexway to build a reputation for your brand. Let’s invest in the future lifetime value of your customers.

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4 Ways to Meet and Exceed
Customer Expectations.

4 Ways to Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

Nexway’s Customer Care can help you to enhance your competitive edge.

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Global businesses need
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Global Businesses Need Local Customer Service

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